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“We believe that by working together with our customers growing and changing requirements, we can find better ways to improve quality and sustainability with our products and services to help them successfully bring their products to market. LABELPAC provides its customers with reliable, innovative,cost effective and flexible Fruit Labeling Solutions for both their equipment and labels. Our produce growers and packers are always challenged with industry requirements to market and label their produce and food items. LABELPAC continuously invests in technology to provide you with long-lasting productive results.”

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Supplying the most reliable fruit labeling equipment and labels combined with flexible options and superior customer service for the Produce Packing House and Greenhouse Industry. We specialize in semi-automatic and automatic labeling applicators for fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes. We also offer specialty labeling equipment for clam shell labeling, and flow pack labelers. All our labels are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. Our Fruit labels are made from  bio-degradeable materials, FDA compliant for Direct Food Contact, and are very thin to help conform to the most difficult products yet easily removable in one piece.

Uncompromising Service

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LABELPAC’s service team is fully trained in servicing our full line of Fruit Labeling equipment and food packaging equipment. Our commitment is to provide our customers with consistently great service and support. We are on call and ready to serve you when you need us.
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Humble Relationships

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At LABELPAC our goal is to connect with your vision to accomplish the labeling requirements for your specific needs.  We want our business relationship to mean something more than just a sale.  Keeping our promises is a step towards that path of enriching customer experience.

Featured Products

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LABELPAC specializes in all label materials, from films to paper labels. Our fruit labels are FDA compliant, eco-freindly and bio-degradable. Our adhesives and material are exclusively formulated for LABELPAC and accompany FDA compliancy certificates. LABELPAC’s team will work with yours to create protocols to reduce cycle time and inventory levels. Our team will work with you to take your ideas, sketches or logos to create a fruit label, custom label or any label that creates your company, brand and product. We take you from label concept to finished design and a finished label, all from one source.

Hand Labelers

Our HL-2 LITHIUM semi-automatic cordless fruit labeler is used for various fruits and vegetable PLU labeling. It includes a full charging station for fast charge using a removable lithium-ion battery (first of it’s kind) which will last 3 times longer than regular NiMH batteries. The most versatile hand labeler in the industry; fast, compact, extremely lightweight and durable using a variety of Label sizes from 1/4 – 1/8 wide x 5/8″ – 2 1/2″) long labels. There is also a built-in waste rewind system removing waste liner cleanup and jamming issues.

HL-2 LITHIUM cordless hand labelers can also be used with our Table Top Printer Rewinders to print your own labels when you need them, saving you time and money without the need to order minimums!


Our Label Dispensers now offer a Photoelectric sensor on all dispenser models. This new option will set the new standard in the industry. Our heavy duty industrial machines have been offered with only Honeywell Micro switch’s. It has a sensor that will stand the test of heavy-duty operating conditions, all kinds of lighting conditions, clear labels, or whatever you can throw in front of our new sensor, it will be detected!

Package and Clam Shell Labeling Systems

LABELPAC offers a variety of quality labelers to suit your every need.  Whether you require top, bottom, top and bottom, or side labeling for clam shells or other package labeling requirements, we have the labeler to meet your needs with the best prices you will find in the industry.