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LABELPAC makes big international news on Fresh Plaza

Posted August 25, 2017
LABELPAC makes big international news on Fresh Plaza

LABELPAC launches new Print and Apply labeling system

LABELPAC developed the Patent Pending MOTOHEAD™ high-speed Print and Apply labeling system. “After a successful testing phase at customers sites and at our facilities, we have started selling systems to our customers and the results and feedback are great,” shared Sam Sleiman, founder and president of LABELPAC. 

“The footprint of our labelers is considerably smaller and takes up less room on a sizer than any other system. Our Print and Apply user-friendly software allows clients to use nearly an unlimited amount of different PLU labels and images and the MOTOHEAD™ multi-bank system ensures more flexibility with less risk of downtime compared to single bank systems. In addition, our proprietary labels are proving to have the highest sticker rate remaining on products this industry has seen,” said Sleiman.

MOTOHEAD™ labelers can Print and Apply on both high-gloss polyethylene and eco-friendly semi-gloss paper. “It is the only labeler of its kind in the industry,” said Sleiman. It also gives the ability to use either pre-printed labels or Print and Apply labels on the same Cassette without any need for “Dual Cassette Systems”, or complicated changeovers. Customers can also use several different labels sizes using the same Cassette, eliminating costs to rent or purchase extra cassettes. “Our labels, whether Apply Only or Print and Apply, are the same low cost of pre-printed labels”, added Sleiman. MOTOHEAD™ Print & Apply labeling system drastically reduces label inventory to only a generic label, therefore no need to stock pre-printed labels.

Lasting seasons without service
“The MOTOHEAD™ design does not require any extensive multi-gear systems, clutches and complicated drives. It uses high-end dual hybrid servomotors with our patent pending technology, this results in superior accuracy in label placement and a rugged durable labeler which can last seasons without service required”, says Sleiman.

MOTOHEAD™ is the only fruit labeler using only 4-bellows and reaching speeds of 720+ fruit/min, comparable to many 6-8 bellow systems. Using our patent pending features and “Tamp and Hold” along with our crowned bellows, this allows true conformity on even the most difficult cold, wet, waxed or oil covered fruit.

Biodegradable label materials
All label materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable paper for both labels and waste liners, offering customers an earth-friendly product. “Our proprietary adhesives and patent pending technology to apply the labels, result in over 95+% of labels remaining on your product,” concluded Sleiman. “All our equipment comes with lifetime warranty, local service and support. 

Sam Sleiman
LABELPAC International
Tel: (586) 933-3006

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