PLU Produce & Package Labels

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PLU Produce Labels

Produce Labels Print & Apply All of our fruit labels are manufactured using certified FDA compliant adhesives for direct food contact. Our PLU labels are available in high quality thin Biodegradable Eco-freindly glossy paper and high gloss Polyethylene, for both Apply Only or Print and Apply. LABELPAC uses both recyclable eco-freindly paper for both our liners and labels, which makes us a true environmentally safe manufacturer. We can manufacture virtually any size, shape and design of fruit label you require. Our highly skilled design and manufacturing team will ensure you receive better quality and performance using LABELPAC labels. Fruit Labels

Package Labels

All of our produce packaging labels are printed on various materials and methods such as, reverse printing, varnishes and laminates. All labels are designed to work with your machine regardless of make. We will work closely with your team to ensure your receive the right label to provide better performance and better appearance. Produce Labels

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