LABELPAC specializes in the design and manufacturing of Fruit Labeling Machines and FDA compliant PLU Labels.  Whether our clients require a solution for hand labeling using our famous HL-2 Lithium hand applicators, or large high-speed production applicators using our patented MOTOHEAD® On-line, Bulk,  or In-Tray high-speed systems (also available in Print and Apply On-Demand), we can offer you better choices and options, all with a Lifetime Warranty program. Our patented machines and labels are manufactured in-house, which produce the best quality standards you come to expect from North American Built. LABELPAC’s FDA compliant PLU labels and Waste Liners are both made from biodegradable high quality thin Paper, which adheres well on difficult to label product during application, providing the highest fruit sticker rate in the industry, but is also easily removed in one piece by the end user. We are the best known eco-friendly ALL PAPER labeling solution available without the use of ANY plastic whether in our labels or waste liner.  With todays demand to eliminate all plastic in PLU labeling, our solution is preferred and growing in popularity with retailers.

A combination of our proprietary FDA compliant PLU labels, todays reliable technology, and our team of experienced professional technicians and engineers, LABELPAC will provide you with the best overall experience you come to expect from a well seasoned support team!

Our Company Mission

Our promise is to remain a humble and progressive minded company. We believe Respect, Integrity, and Sustainability are the pillars that ensure our future success. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service, great reliable technology with flexible solutions that result in lower operating costs and attain higher productivity.

From our family to yours, we look forward to working with you and appreciate your support in our products.

Sam Sleiman- President & Founder