MOTOHEAD® High Speed Labeler

MOTOHEAD® is the only patented 4-bellows labeling system reaching 720 fruit/min. The optional Print and Apply system is the ONLY high speed fruit labeler able to offer Print and Apply on both high gloss polyethelene (plastic) and eco-freindly paper labels. Multiple label sizes and materials can be used on the same cassette. Hybrid servo motor technology results in better accuracy and reliability. Can easily be serviced and maintained. Multiple bank advantages: i.e graders, roller conveyors, tray labeling, bulk stand alone labelers. Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY -Parts, Service, Support, all from LABELPAC.

MOTOHEAD® Print and Apply

MOTOHEAD® fresh produce label applicators are the ONLY patented Print and Apply labeling systems which prints on both high-gloss biodegradable earth friendly PAPER and ultra thin POLYETHYLENE label materials. Along with our proprietary FDA adhesives, this allows you to provide both label materials to your buyers and choose which best suits your product. Use only one generic label to Print and Apply all variable information, reducing label inventory costs. All available with a lifetime warranty.

MOTOHEAD® In-Line Systems

Interfaced with Multi-lane graders, 1-12 lanes or more. Custom mounting frames and configurations up to 15 ft wide. Easy touch-adjustable height. Print and apply on demand variable information using generic label stock. Runs a wide range of labels and sizes. Patent pending tamp and hold technology. Speeds up to 720 fruit/min. Available in apply only for pre-printed labels (no print option). Uses Eco-friendly paper materials for both labels and waste liner. Limited Lifetime warranty program available.

MOTOHEAD Racer™ with Print and Apply

The best in Stand Alone portability to take anywhere in your packing house or greenhouse. Label various fruit from plums to melons. Print and Apply or Apply Only versions available. Also available in multi-lane systems for bulk labeling. LABELPAC can custom build your conveyor to accommodate nearly any request.

MOTOHEAD™ Bulk Labeling System

MOTOHEAD™ FX2 Compact Tray Labeler

HL-2 Lithium™ Cordless Hand Labeler

Our HL-2 LITHIUM® semi-automatic cordless fruit labeler is used for various fruits and vegetable PLU labeling. It includes a full charging station for fast charge using a removable lithium-ion battery (first of it’s kind) which will last minimum 8-10 hrs/day continues use. The most versatile hand labeler in the industry; fast, compact, extremely lightweight and durable using a variety of Label sizes from 1/4 – 1-1/8 wide x 5/8″ – 2 1/2″ long labels. There is also a built-in waste rewind system removing waste liner cleanup and jamming issues.

Also available is our *New  HL-2 MAX which can dispense labels up to 3″. All our hand applicators are available with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which cover part and labour.

PLU Labels